Enigma University is a legendary institute of learning built on the transplanted ruins of Atlantis on the planet of Katia. EU, as it is sometimes abbreviated to, has a total of eleven islands. All of the classes are taken above and below the surface of these islands. Recently the Professor has discovered that there are ancient ruins beneath the subterranean levels. These ruins had been used for prisons when the island was still on Terra. The university also has an elaborate space program, which the Enigma Team has complete access to.

Enigma University has the ability to allow all students to study in any subject that they wish to study. The staff is constantly growing and allows alumni to teach life lessons with the students during special times.

There is not an application process by which to apply to the prestigious school, but they observe several galaxies and elect students to invite from all over.


Enigma University is broken down into ten different rings, each composed of an above ground and subterranean section.

Above Ground;

  • Center Island - The Multi-Faith Atlantean Temple
  • First Ring - Administration
  • Second Ring - First set of Libraries
  • Third Ring - Justice, Law, Military Sciences, and Campus Security
  • Fourth Ring - Physical Sciences, Labs, and Research
  • Fifth Ring - Biological Sciences and Medicine
  • Sixth Ring - Dormitories, Cafeteria, and Entertainment Hall
  • Seventh Ring - Felinities, Arts, Music, Philosophy
  • Eighth Ring - Social Sciences, History, Linguistics, and Archeology
  • Ninth Ring - Athletics
  • Tenth Ring - Staff Housing, Ports (Space & Sea), The Rail Station
  • i Ring - Mathematics