Dren Polydimensional


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Dren Polydimensional




Possibly Atlantean






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OCCAM, Enigma University

Dren Polydimensional was born several millennium before the 24th century. To the best of everyone's knowledge Dren is a female of her species. She is capable of changing her DNA to match that of other species. When she changes everything changes except for her hazel eyes, that are often mistaken for green. 

Early LifeEdit


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Professor Arthur PerdragonEdit

Dren and Professor are seen to have a paternal relationship at times, their entire relationship is a bit more complicated than that, though. What it is is that Dren was awakened in such a way that Professor was the first male that she had seen in over a couple of millennium and entirely nice to her through out the entire event. This stirred feelings of adoration and lust for her. She doesn't view Professor as attached to anyone else and feels that she will be able to give him everything that he needs. 

Professor Mika PawsonEdit

A maternal figure to Dren, she once offered up DNA for sampling in order for Dren to become a Katian. She lives on campus and sometimes vies for Professor's attention with Dren.

Master Fa Jian ChenEdit

Also called sifu by Dren, they are student and teacher in that Dren will listen to everything that he asks of her. She feels that despite his youth is wise beyond his years and treats him with complete respect. Dren takes it as her personal mission to make him proud of her and to learn everything that he has to offer her. She is a quick study and he seems to appreciate that.

Garrett ChenEdit

The half brother to Master Chen. Dren has an off again, on again relationship with Garrett. They are fast friends and lovers. She spends a lot time learning different things from Garrett like what is popular amongst college-age students or different types of Kung Fu that Master Chen hasn't taught her yet. Dren does this is secret, because Master Chen had forbidden the relationship and especially learning the different styles.

Hope ShadowtailEdit

Hope had become a great friend to Dren. Someone to compare notes with and past. She was already placed in the friend's spot by Garrett, but she has always really passionately wanted to be with Garrett and relinquished the idea once she realized that Dren was interested in him. They talk a lot through the internet and share quite a few interest and classes.

Enigma UniversityEdit