Stellar Phoenix Musashi is the name of an anime series created and produced by the Terran studio GOO. While it was created in the 2980's, it has had something of a popular resurgance lately with retro-fashionable young Terrans. This has lead to interest in a re-boot of the series, which is scheduled to launch sometime in late 3010.

Plot SynopsisEdit

After a long and costly war with an alien race known as the Ascendants, peace is suddenly declared and humanity is allowed a long rest, and twenty years of peace goes by. The great warships built for the war are all scrapped, one by one, until the only one left is the mighty battleship Musashi. Hikaru Matsuda, the son of a famed starship captain from the Ascendant War, hears that the United Nations Stellar Self-Defence Force is planning on scrapping the Musashi, and pleads with his commanding officer to get command of the mighty battleship on her final voyage home. On its way back to Earth, however, the Musashi is attacked, and it becomes the centerpoint of an entirely new war.

Import to KatiaEdit

The series has also collected a cult following of young kats, who consider it a very different view into the human mind; even if the series isn't entirely serious, it does show them as something quite different than what they've been taught about in the history books. The idea of a 'human hero' is novel to most katians, so the series does air on some stations on the planet, most notably the campus TV station of Enigma University, WEUM.