Jynx Hunter


Apprentice Assassin, Former Student

Full Name:

Jynx Hunter








June 21st 1992 (Earth Time)


June 20th 3009


Unknown (Biological Mother, Deceased); Unknown (Biological Father); Zack Fireblade (Last Known Boyfriend)

Marital Status:



Enigma Team

Jynx Hunter was a young impressionable girl that accidently travelled through a dimensional portal while in foster care in New York. The dimensional door dropped her in some sort of school. She was taken under Zack Fireblade's tutlage almost immediately in which she quickly fell in love with the stoic and fierce fighter. Shortly after falling in love she was in an accident in which she was in a coma.

Early LifeEdit

Jynx was born in Okayama, Japan. Both of her parents abandoned her as an infant and she was given to an orphanage after police where called to the apartment that she was abandoned in due to a noise violation. From the orphanage she was adopted out to a family in Tokyo that immediately sold her to a family in America. The American family died in a car accident before Jynx was two years of age. She was put into foster care immediately, from that point on every family she was placed with had died; earning herself the name of Jynx.

By the time Jynx had turned 13 she had started to train with an unknown assassin. She lived in New York with him during which she learned about guns, knives, incineraries and much more including self defense and fast thinking. She grew up on the streets.


Jynx was pulled into a dimensional portal was on her way to her first mission. Not knowing where she was, she immediately went into defense mode. She found her self in an unknown land near creatures she had never seen before. They were covered in fur and had large ears on top of their heads, their language was very light and airy, nothing like the bad New York accented English that Jynx spoke.

Jynx was given a translator that is permanently installed into her ear, by one of the natives, a tall grey cat-like being.