Floorsixia is the name given to the sixth floor of the Enigma Suites Residence Hall, the dormitory building where the Enigma Team lives.

Not long after the formation of the Second Enigma Team, the entire tower was transported en masse to the surface of Terra due to a malfunction with the tower's controversial Fast Transit system. During this time when they were abroad, the residents of the sixth floor decided that they were cut off from the rest of society, and the only logical thing to do (in their logic, anyway) was to form their own society.

All of the micronations that have existed on the sixth floor have incorporated "Floorsixia" into their name in some way, but their system of government and general title changes with regularity. Even after the tower has been returned to Katia, the floor still attempts to run itself with some autonomy.

Documented here are the known micronations that have existed on Floorsixia since its inception:

Name of Government Type of Government Length of Reign
Nations of Floorsixia
Republic of Floorsixia Republic Approx. 5 Hours
Autonomous Region of Floorsixia Occupied Territory, Limited Democracy Ongoing