Doctor Dren Polydimensional



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Appears to be early 20s











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OCCAM, Miskatonic University

Dren Polydimensional is a complete mystery to most; but the Professor, Arthur Perdragon seemed to have solved a tiny scope of that mystery. This is that information.

Dren is a member of a secret organization called OCCAM. She is a professor at Miskatonic University. She has a tier 3 modification with nano-technology that allows her to change her genetic code to anything she comes in contact with. She is highly logical and uses science to explain everything, which is a credence of OCCAM.

She is known for her amazingly bright green eyes and a tattoo on her back of a DNA strand with a symbol in the middle, marking her as an agent for OCCAM.

Early LifeEdit

Little is know of her early life, though it has appeared to have started on Terra.

Doctorate and BeyondEdit

Never had anyone seen or remembered Dren Polydimensional getting her doctorates, nor has anyone particular remembered what they were in, but she had them. OCCAM had taken to her quickly after she had obtained them and she was immediately hired into their services and began her training immediately. After her training she was placed with Miskatonic University in the biology department in order to study some of the people of interest for OCCAM. During that time she was able to strengthen the science at the University and furthered her career by becoming Dean of Biology.

Meeting the ProfessorEdit

Dren was invited to the Union Science Expo for the Researcher's Banquet on Katia, by Johnathan Grew, human ambassador as his date. Dren deciding that she can pull information from Grew during a later private session, went with him. At the rather boring banquet she was introduced to Chancellor Professor Arthur Perdragon.During their brief conversation, something had sparked Professor's curiosity, which led to him leaving Dren in bit of a hurry.

Dren being an adventuring type and now extremely interested in the Professor, followed him into the kitchen. There they found that some caninoids were being possessed by the Mistress of Time a chromomancer.

In some store rooms of the Longclaw Building, the Mistress of Time had obtained a staff that distorted time and a cube that acted as a small wormhole in time; using the caninoids to be slaves for her mistress and be transported to other periods of time to destroy the time stream.

Professor and Dren worked together somewhat to stop the plot and restore time to it's normality. Professor took to Dren romantically after this event. In which Dren and Professor hooked up in his mansion at Enigma University.